About the EWT group

For more than two decades, the family-run company has continued setting new standards in the transportation industry. With customised transport solutions by Schmitz Cargobull, Europe’s largest manufacturer of trailers & semitrailers. With premium, utility vehicles by market leader Mercedes-Benz. With individual services which create added value. And a spirit of innovation which generates trendsetting milestones.

Since the group’s founding in the year 1995 by Natacha and Dirk Hoffmann as well as Ing. Michal Žižák, the key factors of “Innovation & Service” have been at centre stage: from the opening of modern truck & trailer centres in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia all the way to the continuous development of a comprehensive service network. An essential contribution to our success is made by more than 729 employees, who provide customers with professional consultation. Comprehensive training and advanced training measures play a central role in the EWT group for this reason.

Using a holistic Total Asset Management allows the EWT group to maximise the efficiency of all Truck & Trailer Assets. The perfectly coordinated network spans from tailor-made Customer Relationship Management to individual Schmitz Cargobull finance concepts all the way to full-service performances with mobility guarantee. The area of Remarketing/Trade-In, as a further important focus of Total Asset Management, is handled via the used vehicle centre Truck & Trailer Store Polska.

The environment and sustainability are also of great significance for the EWT group. Thus, for example, the disposal concepts in all workshops meet the highest environmental standards.

With the further development of existing and the opening of new locations in central Europe, the EWT group ensures that an optimal solution will be available for every transport requirement even in the future.

Structure of the EWT GROUP

Head office of the EWT group is the EWT Truck & Trailer Handels GmbH in Kitzbühel, Austria, whose corporate business is to act as general representative for Schmitz Cargobull AG in Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The EWT Truck & Trailer Handels GmbH is a shareholder in the Schmitz Cargobull and Mercedes-Benz representations in Poland and the Czech Republic.In addition to the strategic control of the subsidiary companies, contract administration is handled centrally in Kitzbühel for the entire trailer division.

Schmitz Cargobull transport solutions have been marketed in Poland by the subsidiary firm of EWT Truck & Trailer Polska Sp. z o.o. which was founded in 1998. The expansion of the product line to include Mercedes-Benz utility vehicles occurred through the take-over of the Polish company Diesel Truck Sp. z o.o. in year 2000. Innovative comprehensive service centers were set up in 2006 and 2011 with the Truck & Trailer Centers in Ołtarzew and Stryków. In 2012 the TTS-Truck & Trailer Store a used vehicle center for utility vehicles and trailers was established with a direct link to the Truck & Trailer Center in Stryków. In 2013 EWT opened a service center in Gliwice and Siedlce. The growth course continued in 2020 with the opening of the Trailer Center in Komorniki at the beginning of the year. This was followed at the end of 2020 by the opening of a service workshop for Mercedes-Benz cars and vans in Koprki and the opening of a Truck & Trailer Center in Wrocław. The service network was expanded in 2021 with two additional Mercedes-Benz Truck locations in Poland – Bialystok (Jezewo Stare) and Olsztyn.

The Czech Truck & Trailer industry is served by the firms EWT spol. s r.o. and Hoffmann & Žižák spol. s r.o. at the locations in Brandýs nad Labem near Prague and Liberec.

In Slovakia the Schmitz Cargobull products are marketed by the sales partner CET – Central European Trailer. In this regard the Truck & Trailer Center Bratislava was opened in year 2006.

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